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All domestic products are manufactured by hand within the UK

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Customer Reviews

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"I was delighted with my field gate from MRK and my neighbours love it too! I found Mark to be very helpful, he also did his own research on the look for the gate. He executed the work very promptly and efficiently. Very pleased all round."

- L. Oldham, Bury, West Sussex

"The design and installation of the new driveway and garden gate were magnificent. The gates have made me very happy. Thank you - Mark. Top marks. (Suspect five stars)"

- N. W. Bond, Rustington, West Sussex

"We contacted MRK for installing a cast iron balustrade in our home last August. From start to finish Mr Mark Puttock dealt with our enquiry with total professionalism and enthusiasm. Bearing in mind that he travelled some distance away to our home he took particular care to make several appointments to discuss the project and work with the design. His attention to detail was remarkable and he ensured that our work was completed perfectly and on time.

We were so impressed with his positive attitude to his work that we took the opportunity to ask him to install a balcony for our bedroom which needless to say look absolutely great.

We would not hesitate to recommend MRK to anyone."

- S. Allsop, Horsham

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